Hollywood Movie Filming in Cincinnati Area This Week

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Sometimes the monotony of living in the same Midwestern town can get you down. Cincinnati is a wonderful city, filled with plenty of things to do, but this past week, the city saw more action than it probably has in years. If you have been having trouble navigating around Cincinnati, and trying to get to your car dealerships in Cincinnati, it may have been because of the Hollywood movie currently being filmed in the city. The movie crew is officially on location in Cincinnati, and filming has begun on the Cate Blanchett film, “Carol.” The crew started filming near New Richmond on Friday, on US-27 in Alexandria on Thursday, and Eden Park on Wednesday. The film, which takes place in the 1950s, had to transform the modern city to a date back in time. 

The film’s base-camp is A.J.’s Roadhouse restaurant that is now closed, but being used for makeup, wardrobe, and production offices for the blockbuster movie. The trailers belonging to the stars of “Carol” took up residence in the parking lot of A.J.’s, as well as a collection of classic cars for the filming. “Carol” stars Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, and is based around a road trip that the two characters take. A mile of US-27 was shut down for filming. The Spare Time Grill in Alexandria was also used as a set for the film, which is now closed down for shooting.

Local business owners who were not expecting the chaos surrounding the film, were forced to shut their doors for a few days until the scenes were down filming. Roger Windgassen owns a barber shop on the stretch of road that the crew was using to film this week, and decided to close up his shop for the day. The film crew made a 1950s era “Closed” sign for his shop, which Windgassen is proud to keep as a souvenir. Be sure to keep your eyes open for Hollywood stars over the next few weeks in Cincinnati, and be sure to let us know where you spot them!


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